Why An Amino Acid–Enriched Conditioner Is A Good Addition To Your Routine

2 December 2020
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When it comes time to shop for hair conditioner, do you stand in front of the conditioner shelf wondering which of the 100 different options is right for you? You're not alone! There are a lot of conditioners out there, and everyone has their own preference. But if you have never tried one before, then you owe it to yourself to try a conditioner that has been enriched with amino acids. Here's why these conditioners tend to be a great choice.

They repair split ends.

Split ends are the bane of most people's existence — at least when it comes to hair. They make your entire style look fluffy and unruly. There are sprays that you can add to camouflage them, and you can have your hair trimmed to get rid of them, but both of those options are a bit of a hassle. An amino acid–enriched conditioner, on the other hand, can really help repair your split ends. The amino acids these products contain are the building blocks of proteins, and your hair is made from proteins. You may not notice a dramatic transformation overnight, but after a few weeks of using this conditioner, your split ends should be tamed and your whole look should be more sleek as a result.

They nourish your scalp.

The amino acids in these conditioners are also good for your scalp. The amino acids the conditioner supplies can help ease dandruff and itching. They can also help stimulate your hair to grow in thicker, healthier, and stronger. If you are currently using a hair regrowth formula, taking vitamins to stimulate hair growth, or relying on dandruff sprays for moisture, you might be able to discontinue use of those products after a few weeks of using an amino acid conditioner.

They don't contain as many parabens and other additives.

Because these conditioners are made with amino acids for benefits such as scalp moisture and split end repair, they do not usually contain as many artificial additives. For instance, they don't typically contain parabens. This makes them a healthier choice for you and also for the planet. If you're someone who likes natural, minimum-ingredient products, then an amino acid conditioner will likely fit with your ethics.

The next time you need to shop for hair conditioner, make a point of looking for an amino acid-based one. These products can offer a lot of awesome benefits.